What is the most dangerous animal (not including humans) at this time?

What are the most dangerous animals in the world?

The Lucky Pokemon that gets to be featured here is the grass and ground type Pokemon; Torterra. Torterra was my first fully evolved starter Pokemon from Sinnoh, and he was chosen as a Turtwig. Then evolved to Grotle, and then to Torterra. It was a hard choice to choose between Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig, who all were great starters. But once I chose turtwig, I knew that I chose one that would help me throughout the game. the whole game. On a side note, Turtwig is my absolute favorite Pokemon, mostly because it was my first Pokemon.




God has blessed the world with many different animals ever since Genesis. All animals were made to be special. What makes an animal special could mean how cute they are, or how they are really unnecessary, blobfish. One adaptation that makes many animals special is viciousness. Many animals have viciousness in their nature; However, with so many vicious animals, we can only wonder which animals are the most dangerous. Of course, we won’t have humans involved, because we’d technically win. Rules include: They need to be a land or sky animal, and they have to be predators with a backbone. There will be 3 animals representing these three sub-kingdoms: Reptiles, Mammals, and Birds. How an organism wins includes: Which animal has the biggest arrangements of food(by size) and if it has any predators, other than humans At the end, the Animal will be given a # 1 being killed to # 5 which is the killer.


The Organism representing reptiles is the Saltie. A Saltie is a giant saltwater crocodile of the countries: Africa, Asia, and Australia. SaltWater crocodiles eat many different things like, “eat mainly small reptiles, fish, turtles, wading birds etc… wild pigs, buffaloes, and also livestock like cattle and horses”(Birgit). With that many food sources, it’s likely the king of the food chain. However is the Saltie the real king predator. Well, it is the real king predator for, “Humans are the main predators of Saltwater Crocodiles.”(Saltwater). The only other animal that could probably kill it would probably be the tiger. Against all these creatures, the saltie would get a 4.


The Organism representing land mammals is the Siberian Tigers. Siberian Tigers are the biggest feline in the world. With being the biggest it has a wide array of food, “Tigers eat a variety of prey ranging in size from termites to elephant calves. However, an integral component of their diet is large-bodied prey weighing about 20 kg (45 lb) or larger such as moose, deer species, pigs, cows, horses, buffalos, and goats. Occasionally they may consume tapirs, elephant and rhinoceros calves, bear species, leopards and Asiatic wild dogs”(Entertainment). With all of this prey this animal, like the Saltwater crocodile, has lots of prey to choose from. The tiger also has,“ no natural predators, only humans prey upon them ”(Tiger).  This was suspected since tigers are one of the biggest land predators. Tigers are rated a 5.

The Organism representing birds is the Southern Cassowary. These cousins of ostriches live in Australia. These ostrich wannabes eat, “fruits that have fallen to the ground from the trees, along with leaves, grasses, seeds, insects, spiders and other invertebrates.”(Animals). This isn’t the most impressive since our other competitors eat better food than the Cassowary. Also, the Cassowary isn’t doing the best for the, “Natural predators of cassowaries include crocodiles, pythons, dingos, and quolls. ”(Cassowary). This animal is definitely not the most aggressive animal, but he will still be an impressive bird to all people. This Cassowary’s # is a 1.


Here are the results of the competition: In 1st place is the tiger; in 2nd place is the Saltie; in 3rd place, we have the cassowary. The results that came was by facts, for if the animal is truly ferocious. Then people would know the animal, for the tiger is one of the most well-known big cats. Salties are a bit different for they are a bit lesser known compared to the Nile crocodile. On the other hand, Cassowaries are not known by many, for it is overshadowed by ostriches and emus. In the end, tigers are by far the scariest Vertebrate you would ever meet in this world.

Tiger H.jpg

So about Torterra, he’s known as the continent Pokemon with a height of 7Ft 3 In. He also is 683.4 pounds and has two younger evolutions. He has a base stat total of 525, how good he is, and isn’t the best in competitive. Out of the three starters of the same region, he doesn’t do the best in the region. This is because the other two starters have fairly better type match-ups. Torterra has two types: grass and ground; This causes Torterra to have a 4 times weakness to ice and a 2 times weakness to flying, with other type weaknesses. This Pokemon is from Sinnoh, otherwise known as the fourth generation of Pokemon. Torterra is also a tortoise if you didn’t notice. Torterra is by far my most favorite Pokemon, at this time.

                         Grotle                                                                     Torterra



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Are Animals Worth the Military’s Time?

Ethan Crivello


 Advanced English Per. 6

28 3 17

This is going to be fairly different, first off, this is going to be an argumentative essay, Second of all, I’ll be comparing world history, with Pokemon history. So in Pokemon, there is a theory that the main Pokemon stories started after a war, World war 2. All of the different regions of Pokemon are based on a place in the World. Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn are based on Japan. Sinnoh is based on Japan, and a little bit of Russia. Kalos is based on France. Unova is based on New York, and Alola is based on Hawaii.


Animals have been a part of our lives ever since the beginning of time, either as friends, or food. In the modern time animals are still friends or food. In the modern times, animals are super useful, especially in the army. The army uses animals in the war to go and save our lives to save yours. Animals are a vital part in human safety, especially in the army, without animals it would endanger our, and the army’s lives, and would stop these animals from protecting us in modern times. Through army records, trusted officials papers, and animal care documents, It will be made clear how useful animals are in the army.


A wide range of animals play a big role in the army, by saving people’s lives. These animals could be anything, from a beast of burden to a trusted war animal. Dogs have been in many wars, and are increasing,“ Today, more than 2,700 dogs are working in the military, up from 1,800 a decade ago”(Desmond). Dogs are a very useful part of battles, by a sheer number. Horses, a beast of burden, was a major part of the revolutionary war, and one event in particular, involved horses indirectly saving the Americans, “ Paul Revere rode on his horse to warn Lexington, and Concord that the British were coming. This warning ended up saving a bunch of Americans the next day,”(Real), Whether it’s a beast of burden, a trusted war animal, or even a test animal: they still play a big role in the army.


In the meantime, Animals in the army are used to protect citizens in modern days. A variety of animals are used to protect civilians like dolphins. Dolphins use their superb echolocation to keep enemies away from their lands waters, and,“The dolphins are also used to detect underwater mines, either buried in the seafloor or floating from an anchor”(Lee). With dolphins helping our army, we can stop our ships from getting blown up in the enemy’s harbors. This job is similar to dogs. Dogs use their sense of smell, “for tasks such as tracking, detection of explosives or narcotics, casualty location, and search and rescue. When there is little or no wind, a dog can detect intruders up to 200 meters away using its senses of smell, hearing, and sight.”(Types). Dogs help us with our duties of finding criminals and enemies quicker. Dogs, and dolphin’s help our army by looking for objects that we normally couldn’t find, and help save human’s lives.

sea lion.jpg

People oppose the idea of animals in the army, mainly because of the fact that animals can die in battles. However, with the proper army companions, we can keep them safe,“It was a perfect L-shaped ambush, bullets coming from the front and the right, the platoon pinned down in a flat, open landscape. Along the road were shallow trenches, no more than 14 inches deep. Daniel grabbed ­Oogie, squeezed him in a hole, then threw himself over his dog”(Callahan). With this reaction, it looks like the owner really cares for the dog. One owner going by the name of Jeff DeYoung saved his dog as well in the midst of a fight, possibly hurting himself,(Ganzert) With this type of friendship between owner, and dog. It looks like the dogs in the army are in safe hands.


Animals are a stable part of the army. Without them, we would not have won too many battles, use their senses, or make great friendships.  In the End, the army should ease the animal-lovers worries by keeping their army men, women, and animals safer than what they were before.


So now about that war theory. There’s lots of evidence for this theory, for in the movies as well they also fought in a war. One other evidence is that there have been lots of wars in Pokemon history. This world war almost certainly affected Kanto for they have very few leisure activities. Other regions like Hoenn, and Sinnoh have many leisure activities like talent shows, while some like Unova, and Kalos have theaters, and rollerskate. Regions in the middle of this theory, that don’t really have too much of each would include Johto, and Alola. These two regions, don’t have too many leisure activities, but have more Pokemon based activities that include walking and riding with your Pokemon. There are many different sub-theories, that say that Kanto, and Hoenn fought Unova, and Alola. While some other Mini-theories said that Kanto fought Johto. Many facts also help these theories like how Johto shares an elite four with Kanto, Or how Alola was attacked by Kanto. Unova, the (USA) helped Alola, while Hoenn (Japan) helped Kanto. There are many possibilities of what could happen in the Pokemon world. It could be whatever you guys think?


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What are Salties

Ethan Crivello


Per. 6 L.A.

9 2 17


The Saltie


Don’t be Saltie when I tell you this joke. What’s Saltie, and lives in the sea? The Saltie. Saltie is short for sea water crocodile. A wonderful line of pokemon that reflects what the Saltie is, would be the Feraligatr line. Feraligatr has a similar size,7.7 Ft, with the smaller female Salties,7.5ft. However when put next to a male Saltie, feraligatr goes from a massive beast to the runt of the litter. The Saltie’s size goes from 14Ft to 17Ft. Feraligatr only goes up to barely half, of its bigger counterparts. .


         Totodile                                Croconaw                                     Feraligatr


There’s so many different type of reptilians in the word, like turtles, tortoises, lizards, and even snakes. The scariest types of reptilians, are the alligators, and crocodiles. One special crocodile is by far the most unique reptilian crocodiles, that not many people have heard of. The Saltwater crocodile is by far one of the most vicious, and biggest crocodiles of them all. The Saltie may have special things about him, but let’s look at the facts of this colossal reptilian. Let’s see where this gater’s habitat is located, and what meat it devours.


Most Gater’s live near water, so we can be sure that the saltwater crocodile will live near the water. Another clue is his name the Saltwater crocodile. The Saltwater crocodile is named this for,“ They are excellent swimmers and have often been spotted far out at sea”(National). This shows that it is named the Saltwater crocodile, because they are sometimes found in the ocean. In which ocean could they be in. Well they,“have an enormous range, populating the brackish and freshwater regions of eastern India, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia.”(National). Since the Saltwater crocodile lives in Asia, and Australia, it must be able to eat a lot of food. Food that might be bigger than us.


The Saltie has many different foods to eat, because of it’s massive habitat, and how it lives in fresh, and saltwater. For smaller prey, Salties,“eat mainly small reptiles, fish, turtles, wading birds etc”(Birgit). This must be easy prey, but there are harder prey. For bigger animals, Salties eat,“wild pigs, buffaloes, and also live stock like cattle and horses.”(Birgit). Salties have a wide array of food supplies, from big buffalos, to little lizards.


There was a lot more to Salties than what was originally thought. Salties are wondrous creatures, that live in two different continents. Salties live at the top of the food chain on land, and will forever be feared. In the End Salties are just crocodiles that live in the sea, that grew to be a big crocodile.


The similarities between this water crocodile, and the Saltie is their humongous size. The food they both eat are similar as well. These two crocs will always be ferocious, and scary. And will always be hungry for more.


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Why is the California quail the State Bird

The California Quail is a little bird, so which Pokemon do you think on the bottom looks the most like a quail: Natu, or Spritzee? For Natu has the shape, and size with the head feather, which is too straight. Natu’s wings, and feet are also in the shape of the Quail below, While Spritzee’s wings, and feet are much thinner. Also Spritzee has the feathery appeal with a curved head, feather/tuft. Now which bird is the closest looking to the quail? The answer will be at the bottom.

                                               Natu                                                       Spritzee





What is California’s state bird? The Quail, more specifically the California quail. The California Quail is a round little bird with a plume on top of it’s head which is sort of like a play toy to cats. What would make people choose this little pigeon-like bird.  This bird must have desirable bird qualities, What qualities does it have that makes it so special, and why would us Californians choose the Quail as the state bird.


First off let’s see what qualities make the Californian quail so interesting. Something very peculiar that the California quails inherit is there family life, These Quails, “During the breeding season each pair of birds makes individual depressions in the ground where they will brood an average of 14 eggs for about 22 days. If something happens to the female the male may take over brooding duties.”(Fun). This is very interesting for most animals usually mate with more than 2 animals. For us humans we usually mate with one person, so choosing a state bird with similar traits as us would be good. These lovebirds live in the, “coastal sagebrush, chaparral, foothills, and high desert of California and the northwestern United States.”(California). This means that they have adapted, and prospered in this region, for any attempts to move out of the North west will be futile.  

Fun Fact: The California Quail digests vegetation with the help of protozoans in its intestine. Chicks acquire the protozoans by pecking at the feces of adults. (California)


With these birds stuck in California, it would surely mean that the Californians have met with it. So if Californians have met with it then it means that they have seen it’s admirable qualities. One being their resourcefulness, like, “California Quails can often get by without water, acquiring their moisture from insects and succulent vegetation. During periods of sustained heat they must find drinking water to survive.”(California). It’s super cool how if a quail can’t find water then it usually finds other ways to find it, sort of how we were in the old days where we would go and live under the stars. These quails also hang out with each other, and  “ is a high sociable bird that gathers in small flocks called coveys that numbers between 10-200 birds and despite being around up to 200 quails at a time”(tegna). These bird are also similar to us in a way with being very sociable like us humans,

Fun Fact #2: Speaking of pigeons, 14.2 in, quail are barely smaller than pigeons, at 9.8 inches. It’s also smaller than a roadrunner,2 feet,


The California quail is so alike to us for it has many qualities, and habits, that us humans have. The Quail is a resourceful creature that lives in California. It is also a social creature that only has one mate that it lives with. That sounds like something I would choose for my state bird. It shows that that the Quail has many things related to us, so it would be logical to choose a bird that is alike to us.


Which pokemon is closer looking to the quail: Natu, or spritzee. Well there is no particularly wrong answer, but I would say Natu is the correct answer, it just looks so much like a quail, Spritzee is more like the head of a flamingo, or parrot.


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What are the Similarities and Differences Between Lemurs and Monkeys


What are the similarities and differences between lemurs and monkeys

This post will be slightly different, instead of one animal to compare to, we have two. Both of them have something a little different from what we did last time. We will be comparing pokemon, in celebration of the new pokemon games: pokemon sun; and pokemon moon. The pokemon we are comparing to the lemur, is a pokemon called passimian, he is basically the tall version of the lemur, but with rugby. For the monkey, we are comparing the squirrel monkey, we will also be doing a pokemon which is called aipom. He’s a monkey with a tail on his hand. Now on with the comparing, and contrasting.





Lemurs, the primate from Madagascar, are very different from the primates of Africa, the monkeys. You thought I was going to say Gorillas huh. Well you thought wrong, for Gorillas aren’t monkeys because of special features. This is just like the differences between monkeys, and lemurs, they are similar, but then are completely different. The lemurs, and monkeys similarities, and differences include, family, physical features, and appetite.


Monkeys, and lemurs are in the same species, the primate. The primate includes: monkeys; lemurs; gorillas; orangutans; chimpanzees; ETC. All of these primates may be in the same species but, they are still in different families. Monkeys, and lemurs are in two different families of primates, “Monkeys, apes and humans are anthropoids. Lemurs are prosimians.”(PBS). Monkeys as we know may be related to lemurs but, aren’t as close to lemurs as it’s other monkeys, and vice versa. Ya even monkeys aren’t that close to each other, for monkeys have different types of monkeys: the old world monkeys; and new world monkeys. So which type of monkey is more related to the lemur. The old world monkeys are closer to the lemurs, for the old world monkeys, live in the Africa, Asia, and Europe. While the New world monkeys live in the jungles of america, and are similar in size to the lemurs. Well the New world monkeys slightly beat the old world monkeys at being more similar for they,“Have scent glands ­ rely more on scent to mark territories than Old World species.”(cabrillo). The new world monkeys, have scent glands just like lemurs in a lot of places. So what else does the New world monkey have in common, with lemurs?


New world monkeys, and lemurs  may live far apart, but are still more similar than old world monkeys. So what attributes does the New world monkey have which is similar to lemurs? Well Lemurs, and monkeys are both slightly smaller than the other monkeys, and have scent glands in similar places, but what else. The new world monkeys are very active, and so do lemurs since, “Some of these extinct lemurs were ground dwelling while others lived in the trees and moved very much like sloths. Generally, those species now extinct were among the largest and most slow moving of all lemurs.”(PBS). This is the reason why lemurs are so close to new world lemurs, all of the large, slow ones are dead. I haven’t heard any slow moving monkeys going extinct. One trait though that stayed is grooming. Lemurs, and monkeys groom each other  with slightly different things, “Like other primates, prosimians groom themselves and their acquaintances, but because prosimians can’t use their fingers in the same way, they use their teeth as a comb.”(PBS). The prosimians,lemurs, are using their teeth for grooming, for they aren’t the best at grooming with their hands. The lemurs may use their teeth for grooming, but what do they use their teeth to hunt?


First and foremost, monkeys are omnivores, and lemurs are omnivores, but tend to eat plants. For both of their habitats have a great amount of bugs, and plants, being the rainforest, and the jungle. First lets see what the Capuchin monkey eats, a new world monkey that is omnivorous. Capuchin monkeys have been known to eat, “fruits, bugs, leaves and small lizards, bird’s eggs and small birds.”(great ape trust). The capuchin, one of the most well-known monkeys, are omnivorous eating animals, and plants, smaller than itself. This is sort of like the ring tailed lemur,”They forage for fruit, which makes up the greater part of their diet, but also eat leaves, flowers, tree bark, and sap.”(NatGeo). Lemurs tend to eat fruits more than animals, for there are lots of fruits in Madagascar. With lemurs being mostly herbivorous, and monkeys being omnivorous, there seems to be slight differences between monkeys, and lemurs.


All things considered, we learned how close, and far  lemurs, and monkeys are. From the smallest bug, to the biggest continent. Monkeys, and lemurs are so similar that, they lived in totally different continents, but had the same habitat. They are so similar, and so  different that, monkeys, and lemurs are in the same family, but not the same post family. They are different for they have different appetites, but largely similar. All in all lemurs, and monkeys are more similar than everybody thought.


Now the animal, comparison time. Well aipom is alike to the squirrel monkey for aipom was made after the spider monkey and is very mischievous. Monkeys are depicted a mischievous in the Eastern culture. So that’s why aipom is a trouble maker. Passimian however is the opposite, he is hardworking, and lives in groups of passimians. Lemurs, work hard to live, and live in groups too.  Also Lemurs are the most endangered primate, so let’s have a world where lemurs exist.

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What is the blobfish, and it’s composition

What is the Blobfish’s composition

The blobfish is an odd looking fish that isn’t seen by many. This blobby fish has a chum load of facts on it, that need to be investigated. Maybe in the future, the blobfish will be researched. That’s if they do not go extinct first!

Blobfish are not as ugly as everyone puts it up to be. Under lots of pressure in the deep sea, it can change the shape of any organism. So the blobfish is a blob in low pressure, and a whole new fish in high pressure. Its cousin the blob sculpin looks extremely like it underwater. The blob sculpin will be talked about even more at the bottom of the page, where these bottom critters only move, and eat via current.

What animal was crowned the world’s ugliest animal in 2013. If you said the blobfish, then you were right. If you don’t know what the blobfish is, it’s a small deep sea fish that doesn’t have any teeth, thus meaning that it has no bones. If it doesn’t have any bones then how does the blobfish move, or eat. All of these factors rely on it’s own physical composition. This brings up the question, what is the blobfish’s physical attributes that help it survive.

Blobfish have a fish body that is designed for high pressure, so that means in low pressure, its body will be all jello-like. All of this jello on a fish is about the size of 1 ft, the “12 inches, about as long as a comic book”(Weird).  Ya, we’re used to this form of blobfish, but the blobfish that lives in the deep sea undergoes a transformation from a blob, to a regular looking deep sea fish that can’t swim. Well the blobfish can sort of swim, because of the deep sea currents that carry animals around the sea floor, like the blobfish. This means that small crustaceans, and little sea animals can drift into the blobfish’s mouth, and get eaten by the blobfish, like how Smithsonian put it, “Like other lie-and-wait predators, blobfish stick around until anything remotely edible floats into their open jaws, then suck it in”(Lidz). The blobfish does keep its mouth open for food to go into his mouth, then he sucks with the current, and digests the food. This type of predator sounds very lazy.

How a blobfish moves is very cool. The blobfish is a fish without bones, or cartilage, so it can’t move to eat prey, or escape predators, Discovery had said once before, “that’s about all it can do — it has very little muscle, so actively hunting prey is nearly impossible”,(Clemens). So this fish doesn’t move at all, this means they don’t swim anywhere, like Smithsonian said, “Unlike most fish, they have no swim bladder to help maintain buoyancy”(Lidz). Without a swim bladder, many fish can’t maintain a stable altitude underwater. How the fish moves is very much depended on the deep sea currents that move the fish around the sea floor. Like they say go with the flow.

The blob sculpin is in the same family, as the blobfish. Guess what the family of the fish is called. Fathead! It’s true, search it up. Other than that the blob sculpin lives deep underwater, and doesn’t have any bones, like the blobfish. They both eat crustaceans, and live in the deep sea. One difference is that the blob sculpin, lives in the seas of California. If were you, I would visit the world’s ugliest 2013 winner’s cousin. Let’s see if it will give you a scare.

The sad thing is, that the blobfish are endangered, What would life be like without the blobfish. No blobfish memes, no studying this majestic creature. Even after going with the flow, this fish is endangered like how Discovery said it, “it’s pretty rare for anyone to see blobfish, although they’re sometimes taken in nets hauled in by Australia’s deepwater fishing fleet” (Weird). With deep sea fishing going on in Australia, the blobfish’s population is going down. Pass the message on to your friends. #Save The Blobfish



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How Well Do Dolphins See Out Of Water

Dolphins!!! One of my favorite animals from the animal kingdom. When you think of dolphins you think of the bottlenose dolphin, and the Atlantic white-sided dolphins. You guys all know another dolphin that has been thought to be a whale, even has whale in it’s second name, by the audiences of many Marine parks. This dolphin is the black and white dolphin, it lives in all of the oceans, and even whales fear it. This famed dolphin is the orca. If you didn’t know, or was surprised. Then I will explain more to you guys at the bottom. I will have cool informational facts about animals in every blog post I will make this year. These cool facts will be not be known by many people, and will be related to the topic that has been written.


Dolphin. When you hear the word dolphin, you think flips, and friendliness. But did you know that it’s eyesight out of water is better than most other sea animals eyesight. It may seem unbelievable that out of all of its attributes that are useful, their eyesight is the one. When put to logic though, it actually makes sense. What makes dolphins have such great eyesight compared to other sea animals? Do dolphins in captivity also have great eyesight, and does echolocation help with the dolphin’s eyesight?


What helps dolphins see so well is partially due to echolocation. If you didn’t know; bats and some blind people do this. The meaning of echolocation is where you can see things in the dark-or in the water-by echoes or clicks. The dolphin’s click comes from a place from the dolphin’s forehead called a melon, this is where the click comes from, “The click train sequences pass through the melon… The melon acts as an acoustical lens to focus these outgoing sound waves into a beam, which is projected forward… in front of the animal. These sound waves bounce off objects in the water and return to the dolphin in the form of an echo.”(Bottlenose) Echolocation works by the dolphin emitting a click from it’s melon, forehead, to it’s prey. That click then bounces back from the prey’s body to the dolphin’s lower jaw, to the brain. For every click has a picture. It works like how us humans see with light coming to our eyes, and being altered to become a picture.


We usually would think that sea animals would have bad eyesight out of water, because their eyesight would only be used in the water. In contrast, dolphin’s see, in water/out of water with nearsightedness, as shown by Dina Spector,”Dolphins have limited color vision and poorer visual acuity, or clearness of vision from a specific distance, both in air and underwater than primates.” (Dina). The eye of a dolphin isn’t adapted to see much color, for their eyes adapted to see less color. Their eyesight out of water isn’t as good as our eyesight is, but compared to most types of fish; they’re excel more. Mokan children in Thailand have a similar way that they can see in water like dolphins and seals, because of their ability to make their lens smaller and their pupil bigger (Thompsen). That’s where lens size, and pupil size comes into play. Lens size, when all the way at its smallest, can see with barely any light. So when a dolphin is out of water, the lens get bigger to see more light. Dolphins use their pupils by changing the shape of it either thinner or thicker to go and Auto correct its eyes.


Dolphins at theme parks don’t use their echolocation a lot because they don’t hunt for food. So if these dolphins are released, then they would need to adapt to use echolocation for hunting. For seeing however, they don’t need echolocation. Dolphins in captivity, have way better vision than wild dolphins, out of water, because their eyes adapted to see out of water. So their eyes will adapt to be more far sighted. Dolphins in testing labs, have been found to be able to distinguish shapes, which is like distinguishing trainers, out of water. The results had shown that dolphins have pretty good eyesight out of water, for captive wild-born dolphins, Wild-born, captive, dolphins, humans, and chimpanzees had taken a polygon test with very similar results, The dolphins, and chimpanzees had some trouble though, “All three dolphins and the chimpanzees displayed similar patterns of confusion — they had a tougher time discriminating between shapes with the same features (such as a circle and D-shape or a U-shape and H-shape), meaning they view these shapes as “similar.””(Dina)  Dolphins like apes, have trouble distinguishing similar shapes than easier shapes, because their eyesight is only that good.


Time for why orcas are dolphins! Many people mistake orcas for whales, because of their size and nature. One reason that orcas are in the dolphin family is because of their dorsal fin. The dorsal fin of dolphins and orcas are big compared to it’s body, while the whale’s dorsal fin is small compared to the body. The dolphin family travels via group, which is the same way orcas hunt. Orcas and dolphins hunt at beaches by going at a speed fast enough to where the orca catches the sea lion, and the dolphin catches the little fish. One time orcas were seen jumping with the boats, a behavior that dolphins have.There’s so many more amazing traits that these animals have that we haven’t discovered. That’s why we need to travel the sea world to study these amazing sea mammals.



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